Cheap Prom Dresses Under 100

Girls always get excited about almost everything that requires them to look pretty. For teen girls, they are all excited about their prom night. Everything has to be perfect, from shoes to make up, from the corsage to bracelet, from accessories to the best date. And of course who wouldn’t consider having the best prom dress of the night?

There are a lot of things to worry about on the prom dress list alone. Like what would be perfect for your body type? Should you wear a cocktail dress or stick to something simpler? Should you stick with the black elegant dress or change your style by wearing exciting colors? These are to be considered because your prom dress is your chance to be fabulous even for a night!

Some Prom Dress Designers to Check Out:

There are a lot of designer prom dresses to choose from like homecoming dresses by Atria, or check out Gigi by Le femme, and if you want to show more skin then check out Atria’s mini dresses.

Best Budget Prom Dresses

With all the things that need to be considered in order for you to have the perfect prom, you might think that these dresses require you to spend a lot of money on them. You are dead wrong. This is always the common mistake mothers make when telling their prom girls about the prom dress buying process. This is especially true if the family is on a tight budget. This makes mothers and daughters go out and buy the first cheap prom dress in the local mall, or even worse – wear their mother’s prom dress to their prom dance. Poor girls. Well, worry no more because you can tell your mom to set aside her prom dress and save that trip to the mall because you can actually find prom dresses under $100 online! Yes, you read it right. You can even get cheap fabulous homecoming dresses! Here are few of my favorite designer prom dresses that were on sale.

The Rundown of Different types of Prom Dresses

Shoulder prom dresses are the cheapest ones. They have them for as low as $42 dollars. My favorite is the Toga-one shoulder cocktail dress by eDressMe. The fabric is nice; the style of the dress is like that of the Greek Goddesses only that it’s above the knee. This is perfect for girls who want to emphasize their hips and waist and needs to put on more in the bust area. The dress comes in different colors but the cream one would be perfect if you want to put on accessories like a Greek goddess bracelet or a tiara.

If you want to be a prom queen, and you want to wear a gown that can match the crown you are going to wear for later then check out this Strapless Multi-Gold Dress by Scala that’s only $98. It is simple but elegant. I imagine this dress would be perfect for lean and tall girls who have nice bone structure. It would emphasize your shoulders and long legs. Long gold earrings would be nice to go along with the dress.

Fan of Megan Fox and want to look just like her? Then this Sequin party dress by Scala is just the right one for you as a prom dress! It is only $98 but it looks like one that Megan would wear on MTV Music Awards. Yes, it is that sexy. It is a black mini dress, and it can really emphasize your sexy butt, and you can show some cleavage too. This is a fantastic black dress for brunettes and tanned skin prom girls. All the guys would be drooling over you, and all of their dates would hate you. Won’t you just love that for a Megan Fox fan?

This tri-colored prom dress is a personal favorite, and it is only $98 from the Homecoming Dresses by Atria. I would imagine a bubbly blonde girl wearing this one on her prom nights with really nice white closed stilettos and a really hot date to go along with the image. The dress might get you votes for Prom Queen too, because it is inspired by the flag of the USA.

If you are a Diva, and you have been hiding that diva inside for long, then this is your chance to show that female version of a hustler! Put on Gold Sequin Dresses by Scala on your prom night for only $78. This dress looks like what Beyonce wore on Golden Globe Awards. Get nice hair locks, put on a Beyonce-like make up and the Sasha earrings to really get that Diva Image. Who knows, you might get a Jay-Z as a date for your prom night too. : – )

This Strapless Purple Mini Dress by Miss Minuet is the typical prom dress that a typical teenage girl would want. This is for prom girls who want to stick to the rules and don’t need to be different in order to get noticed. The dress is wonderful for a girl-next-door type, and it’s only for $52. A nice carnation bracelet corsage, a nice earring stud and a slim necklace would be perfect accessories to go with it.


It is really true that you don’t have spent much in order to look great. It’s just a matter of finding the right outfit and the right price for your budget. A prom should be well thought of because it only happens once in your life, and you just can’t have it back. You won’t want to spend your time when you’re old explaining to your son or daughter why you had to wear their grandma’s prom dress, right? I hope this article has helped a lot of girls out there. Good Luck and have fun!

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